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What if i told you that your favorite photographer started out just like you...

They just picked up a camera one day and couldn't put it back down because it released this feeling inside of them that they couldn't quite shake. However, there is a lot more to photography than just clicking the button and delivering beautiful photos.

I have found that the quickest way to grow and flourish in your business is to invest in yourself early on in your photography business journey. I want to be that person for you—to help tutor you and walk alongside you in this exciting time so you can learn from my mistakes.

“At the beginning of my mentorship, I wasn’t very confident in my skills with the camera itself, and definitely with editing, but by the end, I knew exactly what I was doing! I excelled a great amount with editing and am more confident with managing my website as well! I learned many new skills with Shailee and had so much fun doing it!”


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Editing Session

Full Package

This 3-4 hour session is geared toward new photographers looking to really take in the entire process from start to finish with hands-on experience. We will start with a Q&A, photograph a session together, sit down to edit after, and leave you feeling more confident in your photography abilities.

Are you struggling to get the consistency you're looking for? Or not sure where to start? Which program to use?
How to import/export? So much anxiety can be formed around editing and I am here to help calm those nerves and make editing a breeze! This session is dedicated 100% to walking through the editing process and questions.

Q + A Session

This session is the perfect session to ask any and all questions that you have surrounding photography and/or running your business! Examples: posing, booking, camera settings, social media, etc. I offer either a coffee date or zoom call for these meetings! This is the most generalized session I offer and can provide the most in the shortest time!





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